“path of exile” 3.3 Temple room how to pass the temple room clearance game detailed explanation – POE currency,path of exile currency,buying POE currency

“path of exile” 3.3 Temple room how to pass the temple room clearance game detailed explanation

What experience do players experience in the exile 3.3? In this little editor to bring the relevant introduction to everyone, the next interested players to follow the small editor to see the relevant introduction bar, hoping to bring help.

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3.3 Temple room game heart
1, the stone through the room is bound to fall! I always found that at least one passageway stone must be dropped. Passageway stone is usually on the rare monster, not on boss.
2, according to my personal brush traversing experience, there is an irresponsible inference that if you can finish all the blame and go back before the end of the time, it will be better to fall, and I went back in the 2 time before the rest of the time 25 seconds, and dropped three dark gold.
3. Not every temple room needs to be connected. The probability of being selected for the unconnected base room is greatly reduced so that the room you have already connected will be raised to level three, and the second – tier room will be selected because you are organically connected to the top room. Functional rooms, which are all kinds of rooms below, will be selected if they are not connected. A basic room refers to a room without any special function. Only the two rooms, such as the cemetery, reception room, etc., are selected.
4, at present, the income of the temple’s rooms is still the map room. The T14-15 of the site will earn [sure you want to ensure the map level of the temple]. Other corruption and sacrifice are the look of the face. The three level sacrifice is an ancient stone. If you don’t have any equipment on hand, you can’t upgrade the room.
The 3 level equipment room is the first forum to issue posts. In order to prove their faces, they can be upgraded, and the equipment room has a chance to drop the map box.

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