Path Of Exile 3.3 Play a treasure lock chart in game to earn currency sharing – POE currency,path of exile currency,buying POE currency

Path Of Exile 3.3 Play a treasure lock chart in game to earn currency sharing

In the Path Of Exile 3.3  version, players will encounter a lot of traversing, so what should you pay attention to when you earn currency in a lock map? The following little editor has brought a related 3.3 hit lock map to make a currency attack.

path of exile currency

3.3 lock charts make a currency attack
Open drawing method: T1-T6 is all open, after the elders area, along a line to hit T7,8,9,10 (here is to save the cost of saving only one line.) the main purpose is to hit the jade. After 1-5 orders of jade, 2 level jade plastic T2 obscure prison, this map blasting shackles (current 3C each) and the master (dog chain card), the T3 plastic claustrophobic tomb ridge (the map exploded crazy doctor is the hunting first card), T5 plastic toxic waterway, upgrade map is mainly selling money, at the present stage is very good sale. No 1 and 4 levels of jade are not plastic. In order to affect the rate of plotting of obscurity and claustrophy. Then, how much more can the other map be opened? After taking 5 jade, the T7,8,9,10 can be turned off. The secret recipe is three intermediate mapper + recast, which is sold to merchants for intermediate seal.

The pictures in the open chart are as follows

path of exile currency

Because the map level is not high, the strength of the BD itself is very low and very low, so be sure to take a whole body with treasure equipment, in the case of insufficient funds in the early stage, please make sure to take a treasure hand, belt, boots, can not afford a gambler, buy a garbage theft with the right way, in three days, you absolutely bird The gun changed the gun.
I hope everyone will explode every day, every day they will explode crazy doctors, and they will explode every day.

path of exile currency

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