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“Path Of Exile” 3.3 introduction of the connection between the principle of connecting stone and 6 holes.

A lot of 6 holes to connect the equipment price is also very high, a lot of exiles choose to use the connecting stone to do it, then the following small editor has brought about the chance of the 3.3 connecting stone principle with the 6 holes in the way of exile. 3.3 the principle of connecting stone and 6 holes connected together.
A lot of 6 holes to connect the equipment price is also very high, a lot of exiles choose to use the connecting stone to do it, then the following small editor has brought about the chance of the 3.3 connecting stone principle with the 6 holes in the way of exile.

path of exile currency

3.3 the probability of connecting the stone principle to the 6 holes.
The probability of connecting 6 holes together
The first point is that GGG has never given a specific probability value, all through Chris’s words, the analysis of the patch content and the test of the player himself.
0% the quality of 6 Hole items, points out 6 holes connected together with the expected number of stones is close to 1500. (from the information revealed by Chris)
There are two views on the number of expected connecting stones with 20% holes and 6 holes, which are connected by 6 holes. One is about 1200 links I think, and the other is about 1000 links that the player infers through the 100 thousand link.

path of exile currency

Principle of action of connecting stone
After connecting stones to 1 pieces of 6 holes, the system first determines the roll value (0 – 5) of the first hole of the item and determines the link condition.
If roll is 5, the 6 holes of the item are joined together, and the subsequent holes will no longer carry the roll value.
If roll is 4, the 5 holes of the item are joined together, leaving only one hole, and no roll value is required for the last hole.
If roll is 3, 4 holes are joined together, and 2 holes are left. The roll value of the fifth hole (0 – 1) is used to decide whether the last two holes are adjacent. The fifth hole roll to 1, this item is 4 holes connected +2L, fifth hole roll to 0, then this item is 4 holes connected together +2 independent hole.
Like this in the back.

POE currency

“path of exile” 3.3 warriors normalizing low price quickly pass BD recommended

On the road of exile 3.3, the 3.3 warriors are recommending a low speed brush and a new 3.3 version. With the emergence of a new sublimation talent, a lot of new BD ideas have appeared, such as the 3.3 warriors who have been introduced to you at the low speed of BD. Now let’s know with the little editor.

path of exile currency

3.3 warriors have a low price to pass BD
BD advantages and disadvantages
1, low cost: 10E customs clearance T18, hunting devil 5E T18 clearance.
2, high hardness: the whole process of physical immunity, blood 6000+ seconds later. Stop the capital below T18.
3, take off early: 55 levels after 2 sublimation can take off, physical immunity, 3000 seconds or so, do not have to worry about the sudden death of the plot.
4, speed: permanent 70+ mobile speed, drink 140+, moving brick maze, daily cleaning experience is very good.
5, injury foot: compared with traditional warriors normalizing, it has higher recovery and more harm. After 4 minutes, T18 can be passed.
1, if you do not understand the mechanism, you will occasionally commit suicide
2, the largest Kang 80, T16 Phoenix need to walk away from the explosion.
3, you need to be single for 20 years or AHK or mouse macro.
Skill link
The following skills in the unmarked grade are all full level
Head self: improve combustion damage + concentration effect
The fire of justice + concentration + scope + effectiveness
(brushes do not recommend constipation + decay, the scope is too small)
Hand: Enlightenment 2 + Flame Purification + ice cleaning + vitality (halo does not need to lift quality).
Foot: injury released 1 + immortal Roar 3 level + blood donation fury 7 + shadow shadow 3 level.
At the time of hard work
Foot: spell totem + glowing rays damage release 1+ endless Roar 3 (Note 2 are 2 even do not join together)
The first and second columns of the weapon are the same skills (4 disorderly essence weapons, point X switch the first column, second hurdles weapons)
Main hand short stick: injury release 1 + flying blade storm 8 level + increased critical strike probability.
Deputy’s short staff: guard against strike + duration + end

Gifted sublimation

path of exile currency

Equipment configuration
Bind 2 rings: two rings: need to tile full resistance, so that other equipment can find chaos resistance. After all, the temple in the new season has a lot of harm.
Head: the head of graduation is the 6L that is extremely afraid of the essence. It is very expensive.
Gloves: high blood and high resistance to agility
Shoes: 30 mobile speed, high blood, high resistance, enchant hit +2% life reply
Clothes: great blood a, no request
Waistband: graduation belt is also expensive: high life + percentage of life + life recovery rate + percentage of attributes.
Necklace: This is collected by hunting magic district. The new district uses the marble necklace with high blood and high resistance.
Jewelry selection
Maximum life + combustion damage
2 affixes are available
(10C-20C can be collected. If you can’t accept it, you can wash it yourself).
This BD pass T18 does not require three phase jewels


path of exile 3.3 is the place where valuable cards fall.

Exile 3.3 where is the card of fate? Is that what many players want to know? Fortune cards are also important in the new season. The following is Xiaobian for you to bring 3.3 parts of the valuable fate card drop place related introduction, let’s take a look.

path of exile currency
The 3.3 part is the location of the destinies falling
T2, cryptic prison (dog chain card)
T3, claustrophobic tomb collar (hunting head hatchet), strange spring (6L holy sign)
T4, volcano inflammation area (big blood armor, corrupted blood armor) dark cave (elemental chapter) Sun Hill (dark gold double jade ring) disordered Teaching Institute (revenge card)
T5, secret passageway (Bai Pao) white jade Temple (estate card)
T6, magic magic prison (hate) drywood woodland (61 Pioneer – Bow – 3 enlightenment) morning light graveyard (opening axe) highly toxic Forest Valley (wind bow) coastal hills (bainite jade ring)
T7, the river of the earth (elemental chapter), God’s home (6L armor) dusk Dune (hard rock agent)
T8, long grass ruins (61 holy language lock armor 4 level corruption growth) laboratory chamber (hidden museum card)
T9, office treasure house (1 sublime, 3 sublime, 61 prophecy card) dead mud ditch (outline shoe) sea breeze plateau (shellfish Lei Shuangyu ring) red cold river bank (dark gold double jade ring)
T10, wasteland (spin chain), the curse of the Mausoleum (6L star mane war) the field of austerity (revenge card)
T11, giant spider (hunting head) nest (wolf king quiver) winds channel (Hei Sha)
T12, MI Cao shrine (61 holy language lock armor 4 level corruption growth)
T13, the hall of mysteries of miraculously (corrupted hunters, corrupted Xue Lang ring) deformed core of hate (hate).
The ancient soldier factory (3 sublime, 2 sublime) is the source of the spirit of silence.
T14, night language, forest (wolf king quiver, wolf king charm)
T15, crisis sea reef (Hei Sha) lava lake (corrupted blood armor)